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With the restoration of of PA Smart Grant IP funds, working with the Transportation Management Association of Chester County (TMACC) and Wells & Associates, HCC has begun work on aligning the transportation options already available along with routes and options provided by HCC partners, to ascertain how to create improved accessibility for low paid health care workers in this 24 hour, seven day a week industry, encompassing its rural challenges. It will also require accountability on the part of the region’s largest employers to support new initiatives for their workers which will enable them to recover lost revenue due to unplanned absenteeism related to inconsistent transit access by workers. 

Covid 19, along with social and economic upheaval have created opportunities and mandates for all of us to do much better for the common good.

Just by allocating focus, time and resources that enable low paid workers get to work routinely and safely, is the same as making sure a mom or dad gets home in time for dinner, is there in time to see a child off to school following a night shift, or can put food on the table. Enabling reliable transportation is a sign of respect towards all employees and can empower a workforce to reach higher for themselves and their families.

This project will conclude by June 30th 2021 and will also consider the wide and far reaching impacts of Covid -19 in terms of how employees and transit providers have adapted due to the pandemic.

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Health Care Connect is an initiative of the Chester County Economic Development Council and is funded in part by the private sector with grant funding, received from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry through the Chester County Workforce Development Board.